Livin’ on Love ❤️

 After nearly a year of being in a cross-country relationship, I now get to wake up next to my best friend in the entire world. Josh and I are both seriously so blessed to have families whom have the ability to support us in every sense of the word, and I really attribute our home lives to why our relationship has lasted. All too often when things get hard, or a relationship isn’t as smooth as both would like, they give up. There were certainly times when we had rough patches, and nights spent crying with a hopeless desire for a simple hug; but now, as I wake up in the most beautiful place I know, it all seems worth it. 

Living on Love was one of those songs that is engrained in your brain from childhood, and the lyrics don’t really make much sense until you actually live them. I think now is the time when the both of us have the sense that our worlds completely coincide within each other, and we would do absolutely anything for the other. We don’t need frilly things, and we don’t even have a kitchen table, but we make time to spend true quality time together and immerse ourselves into each other. 

I moved across the country to heal the ache that I was feeling every night, and it’s so satisfying to know that the leap of faith I was making was the best decision I could make. They say that your 20s are your selfish years, and I think that this is so true. We aren’t selfish independently, but in the sense that we are willing to be selfish for the greater good of our relationship. 
KF xo


A Whole New World

IMG_4220 (2)

I’ve always been fearlessly independent; but last month when I moved from Pittsburgh to La Jolla, California, for the first time in my life I found myself helplessly homesick as soon as I took flight.  I thought that the move was going to be a massive mistake, but it turns out that I just needed to figure out how to land on my own two feet.  Finding the beauty in my surroundings has completely molded my soul.

From as early as I can remember, I have been so soothed by water.  My mom and I have this in common, as we do most things (I’m basically a shortened mold of her).  Lucky for me, La Jolla is completely immersed in all things ocean-related. The area is one of the reasons I knew I needed to give California a try, and this part of my experience thus far has done nothing but surpass expectations!

On one rather seemingly gloomy day, I hiked to Scripps Beach (I highly recommend it) and I snapped this photo.  Later, when I was looking back through my pictures of the day, I realized just how lucky I am to be in such an extraordinary location that most would only dream of visiting.  I keep coming back to this spot just beyond the rocks in the distance for a slice of solitude.  It’s the most incredible feeling to experience the power of the ocean without needing to be surrounded by others.

Since my little spot is blocked off by a massive cliff, it gets very little cell service.  As if it wasn’t amazing enough to soak in the elements, adding in the fact that I get to disconnect from the world for a couple of hours makes it that much better.  As a person that will eventually make a living with dependence on all things “tech”, I have found the importance in disconnecting every once in a while and not needing to broadcast every minute of my life.  I have realized the importance in taking photos that are just for my memory, and I truly beleive that this is something that everyone should go back to.

xo KF