A Whole New World

IMG_4220 (2)

I’ve always been fearlessly independent; but last month when I moved from Pittsburgh to La Jolla, California, for the first time in my life I found myself helplessly homesick as soon as I took flight.  I thought that the move was going to be a massive mistake, but it turns out that I just needed to figure out how to land on my own two feet.  Finding the beauty in my surroundings has completely molded my soul.

From as early as I can remember, I have been so soothed by water.  My mom and I have this in common, as we do most things (I’m basically a shortened mold of her).  Lucky for me, La Jolla is completely immersed in all things ocean-related. The area is one of the reasons I knew I needed to give California a try, and this part of my experience thus far has done nothing but surpass expectations!

On one rather seemingly gloomy day, I hiked to Scripps Beach (I highly recommend it) and I snapped this photo.  Later, when I was looking back through my pictures of the day, I realized just how lucky I am to be in such an extraordinary location that most would only dream of visiting.  I keep coming back to this spot just beyond the rocks in the distance for a slice of solitude.  It’s the most incredible feeling to experience the power of the ocean without needing to be surrounded by others.

Since my little spot is blocked off by a massive cliff, it gets very little cell service.  As if it wasn’t amazing enough to soak in the elements, adding in the fact that I get to disconnect from the world for a couple of hours makes it that much better.  As a person that will eventually make a living with dependence on all things “tech”, I have found the importance in disconnecting every once in a while and not needing to broadcast every minute of my life.  I have realized the importance in taking photos that are just for my memory, and I truly beleive that this is something that everyone should go back to.

xo KF


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